Yoga enthusiasts

Themost successful people in the world are yoga fans

Yoga’s ever increasing popularity, as a form ofexercise, is a testament to the millions enjoying the health and fitness benefits of this ancient yetrelevant practice. Right from sports players to leading business owners to celebrities, some of themost successful people in the world are yoga fans.

But yoga is not merely about contorting your body into mind-boggling poses. It’s a practice thatstrengthens not just the body but also the mind. A growing number of business organizations arerecognizing this impact of yoga and meditation as a means to create more motivated, efficient andproductive employees and consequently a healthy bottom line.

Yoga is a way of life that becomes a part of a yoga enthusiast’s experience with benefits that extendway beyond the mat. So what sets them apart?

1. They are patient and kind

Practice yoga with patience and patience is what you get back. Yoga is not a quick fix. It takes timeand effort to perfect a posture, making you avoid injury and learn patience.

Breathing exercises and meditation practices give rise to inner well-being and a sense ofinclusiveness and hence, compassion.

2. They are energetic
As you reach for your fifth cup of coffee to keep you going at work, give a thought to trying yogainstead to boost your energy levels. Yoga practitioners are very active in their daily lives.

Yoga helps to unblock stagnant energy within the body and brings flexibility and alertness,combating that post-lunch dip with productivity.

3. They are focused

Today more than ever, in a world of increasing information overload, we need focus to achievesuccess. Yoga teaches single pointed focus which over time, enables you to enhance your memory,clarity, brainpower, and concentration.
4. They are self-confident

Regular yoga exercises make your body lithe and supple, enhancing your body image and self-confidence. Almost any yoga pose can be made deeper and more challenging.

As you overcome fear and are able to go further, you respect your body more. Yoga builds mindcontrol and inner strength, making you stress resistant and leading to a higher self-esteem.

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