London could hit frequently cause high self-defense course application innovation



6月4日,在英国伦敦的伦敦桥地铁站北侧入口处,人们摆放鲜花悼念恐怖袭击遇难者。 3日晚发生在伦敦的两起恐怖袭击事件已造成至少7人死亡,3名嫌犯被警方击毙。 新华社发

Self-defence classes have reportedly seen a surge in applications after Britain was hit with three terrorist attacks in three mon[……]

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Missing student’s family arrives in US, FBI offers reward

失踪女留学生章莹颖家属已抵美 FBI悬赏1万美元寻找线索Zhang Yingying’s father Zhang Ronggao, her aunt and her boyfriend Hou Xiaolin met with law enforcement and university officials accompanied by officials from China’s Consulate General in Chicago, according to the University of Illinois police department’s website.

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Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine


专家:给孩子手机堪比毒品Giving your child a smartphone is like “giving them a gram of cocaine”, a top addiction therapist has warned.

Time spent messaging friends on Snapchat and Instagram can be just as dangerous[……]

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The New York subway turns into a library


纽约地铁变身图书馆 乘客可免费下载电子书It’s free and you have nothing better to do — read a book, people!

The New York Public Library announced Thursday on its website that it is launching “Su[……]

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A liar is always human nature

Imagine you’re given a test with 20 simple math problems. You have 5 minutes to solve as many as possible – and the better you do, the more you’ll get paid. When time’s up, you’re instructed to drop the paper into a shredder. But it’s not really going to be shredded.

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